We use the inkFrog blog to provide lots of different kinds of information to sellers, including information on some the best strategies for succeeding on eBay.

With everything that we post, however, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to keep up—as the days and weeks fly by, still-very-current tips and tricks can get buried under a pile of more recent posts, leaving sellers to wonder whether we've covered a topic here at all.

So here are some of our most recent how-to posts all in one place—to help sellers to find and make use of all of them quickly.

Consistent branding is one key big-picture strategy for e-commerce success.

Big-Picture eBay Business Strategies

Before you get into the click-by-click strategies, there are some big-picture things that you need to do to ensure that you create a healthy, growing business.

  • Establish Consistent Branding Across your Online Storefronts. What it looks like when your eBay, Amazon, and Shopify brands match—and why it matters. Read the article! →

  • Easy Ways to Increase Your Professionalism. Looking pro is important for long-term growth and repeat business. Here's how to do it inexpensively. Read the article! →

  • How to Get Un-Suspended on eBay. Suspensions and mean that you have problems to address. But in the meantime, how do you get back to selling? Here are some tips. Read the article! →

Your positioning in eBay search results is going to become more and more important, so it pays to focus efforts there.

eBay Listing Strategies

Once you nail down the big-picture business basics, focus on these strategies to ensure that your listings are ranking in search and driving desire in shoppers.

  • How to Create eBay Item Descriptions that Lead to Sales. What to include in your item descriptions, and how to do it, to generate sales. Read the article! →

  • How to Create eBay Listing Titles that Rank and Sell. How to create eBay listing titles that are search-friendly and sales-friendly. Read the article! →

  • Rank Higher and Get Your Listings Seen in eBay Search. How to master eBay's search algorithm and propel yourself to the top of the rankings. Read the article! →

  • How to Enter eBay Item Specifics in inkFrog. How to use inkFrog to populate item specifics in eBay listings, and add your own as well. Read the article! →

  • Create Better Listings when Moving non-eBay Inventory to eBay. How to turn listings from other platforms into listings that will sell well on eBay. Read the article! →

Listing templates are an incredible, flexible inkFrog tool for driving growth in your business with minimal effort.

inkFrog Strategies for eBay Templates and Images

Once you have the business and listing basics down, you're ready to tackle specifics like beautifying your listiings using inkFrog templates and achieving perfect product images using inkFrog tools.

  • How to maintain Thousands of Listings with inkFrog Templates. How to use inkFrog's templates to manage, update, and maintain a large library of listings. Read the article! →

  • What to Customize in inkFrog Listing Templates. What customizations to make to inkFrog's listing templates before using them yourself. Read the article! →

  • Profitable Uses for the Photo Space in inkFrog Templates. What to do with all that extra space in inkFrog's designer templates—to increase sales and profits. Read the article! →

  • Use inkFrog to Create a Library of Holiday Templates. How to quickly and easily create a library of holiday-themed templates that echo your standard templates. Read the article! →

  • Key Things You Can Do with inkFrog's Designer Templates. Great ideas for leveraging features of inkFrog's templates into extra profits and sales. Read the article! →

  • How to Manage a Large inkFrog Image Library Efficiently. How to manage a library of many thousands of images quickly and efficiently in inkFrog. Read the article! →

inkFrog's folder system takes much of the pain out of eBay image, listing, and message management.

Other Time-Saving inkFrog Strategies

For established businesses, saving and making more cost-effective use of time are often the key concerns. These inkFrog strategies will save you time and help you to scale.

  • Use inkFrog Folders to Organize Images, Listings, and Messages. How to use inkFrog's folders feature to make life with eBay images, listings, and messages easier. Read the article! →

  • Use inkFrog Profiles to Quickly Create, Update, and Maintain Listings. How to use inkFrog's profile features to accelerate your listing management and updates. Read the article! →

  • Create Multiple eBay Accounts and Link them All to inkFrog. How to use multiple eBay accounts with one inkFrog account, and the benefits you'll see by doing so. Read the article! →

  • How to Use inkFrog Staff Accounts to Employ Virtual Assistants. How inkFrog's staff accounts feature works, and how it enables you to grow more quickly. Read the article! →

  • Use inkFrog Staff Accounts to Hire These Four Kinds of Employees. What kinds of employees you should consider hiring first, then putting to work under staff accounts. Read the article! →

With inkFrog's synchronization tools, becoming a multi-channel eBay, Amazon, and Shopify seller is easy.
  • Have inkFrog Automatically Leave Feedback for You. How to automate your eBay feedback using inkFrog tools. Read the article! →

  • Use inkFrog to Automatically Relist Unsold Inventory. How to configure inkFrog to automatically relist unsold inventory for you. Read the article! →

  • Use inkFrog to Move Listings Between eBay Accounts. How to use inkFrog to move listings between your eBay accounts with just a couple of clicks. Read the article! →

  • Use inkFrog to Get Your Amazon Inventory on eBay Quickly. How to use inkFrog to get your Amazon inventory up for sale on eBay quickly. Read the article! →

  • Use inkFrog to Sell on Both Shopify and eBay at Once. How to use inkFrog to get your Shopify inventory up for sale on eBay quickly. Read the article! →

  • Customize and Manage Your Synchronization Settings. What sorts of changes you need to make to your Amazon or Shopify listings as you import them for listing on eBay. Read the article! →

Video is just one strategy you should probably be adopting for e-commerce success in 2019.

E-commerce Strategies for 2019

The e-commerce landscape is constantly changing, and 2019 will be no different in this regard. Here are some things to know for the year ahead to help you to outrun the competition.

  • E-commerce Trends for 2019. Big-picture e-commerce strategies that are going to drive success in 2019, no matter which platform(s) you sell on. Read the article! →

  • Drop-Shipping Tips for 2019. How to survive and thrive as a drop-shipper in the crowded drop-shipping market in 2019.Read the article! →

  • Videos to Consider Making for Your Business in 2019. The kinds of videos you should be creating and using to promote your business in 2019. Read the article! →

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