When you sign up for inkFrog, you link an eBay account to your inkFrog account as a part of the registration process. But did you know that you can link several eBay accounts to a single inkFrog Professional, Unlimited, or Designer account?

You can! Inside your inkFrog account, visit "Settings" → "eBay accounts" and click the "Add eBay Account" button to begin the linking process.

Use "Settings" → "eBay accounts" → "Add eBay Account" to link additional eBay seller accounts.

You'll soon find that inkFrog is every bit as easy to use with several eBay accounts as it was with one eBay account.

The Benefits From Using Several eBay Accounts with One inkFrog Account

Why would anyone do this? Because it's a great option for many eBay businesses. Here are five of the most important benefits.

  1. It makes running your eBay business much easier. Selling across several eBay accounts without inkFrog is a massive headache, requiring you to log in and out of each of your eBay accounts constantly in order to list, ship, create or edit policies, and so on.
    Link all of your eBay accounts to one inkFrog account and you can suddenly do anything related to your eBay business, for any of your eBay IDs, in a single application. The savings in time and headaches are immense.

  2. You can easily move products and listings between accounts. Many sellers use each eBay account as its own brand, and this means sometimes shifting listings from one account to another as strategies evolve. This is a huge, error-prone time sink; moving a single listing can take minutes. Moving ten can ruin a weekend.
    With all of your eBay accounts connected to inkFrog, this becomes a simple task. End the listing under one account, then opt to relist it under another. It takes a few seconds to move one listing, and it also takes a few seconds to move a hundred or a thousand listings.

With inkFrog, moving listings between accounts—whether one at a time or in bulk—is a rapid process.

  1. You can re-use your library of images, templates, and listings. Every image, template, or listing that you create or customize inside inkFrog can be quickly reused with any of the eBay accounts connected to your inkFrog account.
    This means that all of the creative and marketing work that you do is multiplied—rather than having to do or upload your work again and again for each eBay login, you do it once and re-use it forever, right away, with any of your accounts.

  2. Incoming orders and messages are each handled in a unified list. Without inkFrog, it's hard to stay up-to-minute on incoming orders and customer messages. If you're logged into and working on one account, you're not seeing what's happening on all the rest. You have to constantly visit them all, round-robin style, to stay current.
    Link your accounts to inkFrog and you'll see all of your incoming orders in one list incorporating all of your eBay IDs. Messages, too—you can read and reply to all of your messages chronologically and seamlessly.

Imagine all of your messages and your metrics, for all of your accounts, in one place.

  1. Better metrics that give you full totals. When you have multiple eBay accounts, it normally takes additional legwork to understand how your sales are going overall. You literally have to log into each account, pull out numbers, and then tally them yourself.
    With inkFrog, you can see dashboard activity or analytics for all of your eBay accounts together, to get a clear picture of how your business is performing overall, without extra manual labor.

With this list of benefits, it's easy to see why most inkFrog users with several eBay accounts choose to link them all to inkFrog.

But How Does eBay Feel About It?

Every now and then we hear from a seller who wonders how eBay feels about sellers that have multiple eBay accounts and that link them all to inkFrog.

If you're one such seller, here are some facts to help clear the air:

  • eBay policies allow sellers to have and use multiple eBay seller accounts

  • For each account, you are expected to follow eBay rules and keep fee payments current

  • eBay wants sellers to succeed, and embraces tools that enable policy-compliant success

By linking multiple eBay accounts to your inkFrog Professional, Unlimited, or Designer subscription, you'll improve your ability to market and sell efficiently while also boosting your ability to provide timely and accurate customer service and order fulfillment.

What's not to love? If you're struggling to answer that question, it's probably time to get inkFrog now if you haven't already.

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