eBay's 2018 Spring Seller Update is out, and once again product-based shopping is front and center, with more brands and product lines now managed by the new experience.

How the Product-Based Shopping Experience is Different

Product-based shopping requires sellers to list certain products using identifiers like UPC, ISBN, or EAN codes that are linked to the eBay catalog. eBay uses these codes to present search results for these products in new, more streamlined search results pages. These pages show prices and sale terms more clearly, requiring fewer clicks from shoppers to buy—all of which is good for sellers.

At the same time, however, eBay shapes the search and shopping experience for these products far more carefully, with less prominent paths to individual listings and item descriptions. Paradoxically, this makes the templates that you use for your listings more important than ever.

Why eBay Listing Templates Matter in Product-Based Shopping

The eBay search result pages for product-based shopping present a smaller number of purchase options, each appearing in a similar, concise format. This means that:

  • Your listing title and subtitle are less definitive than they used to be; they'll either be less visible or will surface only after multiple clicks

  • Regardless of the keywords you've used in your title, your related products and accessories aren't visible in search results for the product

  • Thumbnails of the images in your listing may be less prominent in search result pages than they used to be

  • It's less clear to shoppers which offers come from you and which come from other sellers

eBay's new product-based shopping experience.

For these reasons, in product-based shopping you need to make very most of every click you get, which means that your eBay listing templates need to:

  • Be quickly recognizable and memorable, doing more heavy lifting to positively and uniquely brand you and your inventory

  • Be seamless, professional, and look great on mobile, to prevent an obvious interruption in the more polished product-based shopping experience

  • Do even more to cross-promote and sell your related inventory

This is where inkFrog's listing templates come in. If you're not using them already in product-based shopping categories, you probably should be.

"inkFrog templates have made my listings look AMAZING and totally professional. Sales have increased by more than double. Their support team is the best I have ever experienced in my business! I highly recommend inkFrog!"

— wirerappedcrystals

inkFrog Templates are Ready for Product-Based Shopping

We recommend using inkFrog templates for product-based shopping items and categories because our hundreds of eBay listing templates:

  • Are carefully and professionally designed, meaning that they integrate seamlessly as shoppers progress through the new experience

  • Are mobile-friendly and behave gracefully as eBay adapts them for different views in the experience

  • Offer prominent, well-thought-out space for cross-promotion, to reveal your related offers in categories where search results won't do this any longer

  • Are the best way for you to make the most of your position in product-based search results and the clicks that you receive from them

  • Enable you to bulk revise and update all of your listings with a click, for easy holiday or business policy changes

inkFrog offers hundreds of professionally-designed, customizable templates.

Yes, you can try your hand at building templates yourself—but let's be honest: building templates yourself is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and tricky to get right. This is particularly true if you want templates that behave well across all of the product-based shopping views, that adapt elegantly to mobile shopping, and that offer lots of space for cross-promotion.

With hundreds of designer templates already available for you to customize, and with our powerful, easy-to-use listing designer available for those who really want to build their own look, we think our tools are the best way forward for sellers looking to make the most of the new product-based shopping experience.

See the rest of the details from eBay's 2018 Spring Seller Update here.

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