Searchable Item Specifics Are Back!
(and Other inkFrog Updates)


inkFrog Open Updates - May 17, 2018

We’re quickly approaching the summer and there is a lot of things going on at inkFrog!  Here are some of the latest updates to inkFrog Open:

Searchable Item Specifics Are Back!

In April we released a feature called Searchable Item Specifics.   It was a search box which was attached to the various Item Specifics fields so you could quickly and easily find the appropriate value for fields like Brand Name and such.   Well there were a few bugs in the code which caused it to not work as intended so we had to pull it out temporarily.

As of Monday this week we have added this feature back!  It’s now fixed and working properly, and instead of having a separate search field on the item specifics it’s now a singular field:



Collapse and Reorganize Fields in the Listing Editor

Another awesome new feature we’ve just added - you can now rearrange and hide sections in the listing editor!   Simply click the gear icon here:


This will open a window which gives you the option to hide a section (uncheck the box) and you can also drag-and-drop them to re-arrange their order on the listing editor:


There is also a reset button in case you want to revert everything back to the standard layout.


eBay Spring Seller Update 2018 Compliance

eBay has established new return policies which are taking effect right now as part of their 2018 Spring Seller Update.   We are happy to report that inkFrog is compliant with these new policies and you can read about how to configure them in your inkFrog account here:  Click Here


Cross Selling Internationally - Now Possible in inkFrog Designer!

inkFrog Designer has this fantastic feature called the Cross Sell widget, it dynamically inserts listing previews of your other products onto each of your listings.   It’s an amazing cross-sell tool which is highly configurable (customize the colors, product selection, layout, etc).

As of yesterday we have added ALL eBay websites to the Cross Sell widget, previously it only worked on the top five.   Now you can Cross Sell on,,, and all of the other eBay websites using inkFrog Designer templates!



Going Back to Basics - Introducing the New Basic Plan

Picture this - you are fairly new to selling on eBay.  You have been using the free version of inkFrog which lets you manage 10 listings.  However 10 listings is not enough, you want to list many more products but cannot justify the jump from inkFrog Free to inkFrog Professional.

So we have added a new subscription plan called Basic.  It allows you to manage 300 eBay listings (which is a huge jump from the 10 you can get on inkFrog Free) which is available for less than $10/month!


Bulk Edit Item Specifics

This isn’t a new feature, but it’s something we have been meaning to showcase because it’s not something most customers know about.  Most customers know about our Bulk Edit tool (Listings > Library, select multiple products, click Bulk Edit in the top-right corner), however very few customers know that you can bulk edit Item Specifics:



If you sell many products and make use of the Item Specifics fields frequently this is likely a very powerful feature for you as you can edit all of your listing specifics in one go instead of editing each product individually!

Additionally - with the new Searchable Item Specifics feature (see above) you will be able to bulk edit Item Specifics with the new search feature to bulk edit even faster!


New Item Cost Field

We’ve added a new field to all listings as follows - Item Cost.  This is a field where you can enter your item cost. While we are still a long way from offering a full Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) system for your inventory, this is the first step in that direction and it’s a good number to reference when trying to decide on pricing your products without having to lookup supplier catalogs or other files.



Additionally, this field is available in the CSV import so you can push that data into inkFrog using that method!

Wishing you all the best!


Chris @ inkFrog

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