Since 2016 MAYI Diesel has used inkFrog Open to manage their eBay business:

"We have been selling on eBay since July of 2016 and joined inkFrog on November 20th, 2016. We have tried several other bulk listers and encountered many catastrophic failures that can only be known once they happen. The main issue with other softwares is their token interaction with eBay that would cause listings to disappear or show inventory at zero.

The best parts about inkFrog are 1) a very easy to use/ user friendly interface; 2) most importantly, having a company that is constantly keeping us, the user, of eBay’s ever changing policies and formats that seem to happen every quarter.

As small team, we are able to compete against large manufacturers and distributors in our industry. By keeping costs down on software, we are able to focus our finances into quality control of our products. In the end, the customer doesn’t care if you have a $10,000 software, they care about a good product at a low price, and the only way to do that is to have good systems in place that are cost effective."

- Gabriela Donatti

MAYI Diesel has over 1,000 car parts listed on eBay:

You can visit MAYI Diesel store here:

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