inkFrog Open Updates - May 2, 2018

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Over 50 Designer Templates Have Been Added!

Our designers have been working non-stop to bring you dozens of new Designer templates that you can use with your eBay listings! Here's a few of the newest designs added over the last few weeks:

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inkFrog Open subscribers on the Designer subscription plan can use any of these templates for their eBay listings. The only requirement is to be on the Designer subscription plan and then you can access them here:


Introducing the New BASIC Plan

We have had numerous customers requesting a subscription option which can accommodate a few hundred managed listings (as the first plan - Professional - handles up to 1,500 managed listings).  Today we are happy to announce this is now possible with the introduction of the BASIC plan:



This new plan will enable you to manage up to 300 eBay listings with inkFrog and connect either a Shopify or BigCommerce store like the other plans do.   It is also 40% lower cost than the Professional plan which is a nice in-between option for sellers who need more than the 10 listings you get on the Free plan but are not able to justify the 1,500 listings the Professional plan gives you.

If you are currently on a Free account and would like to upgrade, simply login to your inkFrog Open account and go to the subscription page to upgrade.


Invoices Now Show Yearly and Monthly Terms Accurately

This isn't the most exciting feature but it's important for book keeping.  There were a few instances where the invoices you received from inkFrog would show that you were paying a monthly subscription even if you were on a yearly subscription service.   This only affected a handful of users and we are happy to say it has been corrected - inkFrog subscription invoices will now show the correct billing cycle on them.

If you are wondering where to access your inkFrog invoices for book keeping purposes, you can reach them here:  Click Here

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