Since 2011, inkFrog has been helping Michelle sell her antiques on eBay:

"I started selling in 2011 on eBay and started using inkFrog the same time. inkFrog has helped me in so many ways! I love the scheduled listing feature and use it every single day."

- Michelle L Farmer

She wanted the ability to schedule listings to work around her schedule and doing that directly through eBay did not work so well. Turning to inkFrog, we completely streamlined her listing and scheduling process to make it very easy and efficient for her business:

"I pick my template and to list each item, I just change the heading, the size of the garment, change the price, add my pictures and schedule it to list when everyone is home from work at night. Rinse and Repeat until I'm done for the day. This saves me so much time!!

I can list 20 items in the time it takes most people to list a couple. And I can't tell you how many times I've heard on social media that eBay was having a glitch and no one can list any new items that day. Not for me! inkFrog is up and running everyday. I've never had a day in all these years of using them that I couldn't list my items and get them listed for the day.

Another thing I LOVE is the completed listings. They all come into one place on inkFrog from eBay each day when I do auctions, which I still do everyday. I just hit relist and all my items at one time will be relisted. With eBay you have to hunt down the ones that is to be relisted and they are mixed in with my sold items. Plus you have to delete them or you end up relisting them again. Totally confusing!

eBay could learn some things from inkFrog for sure. Listing on eBay takes forever, you basically have to start over every time. Also now that I've grown to three stores on eBay. I easily have them all in one place at my inkFrog dashboard. with just a couple clicks everything is relisted or added to my store at buy it now. Time is money with anyone that has a small business online and inkFrog saves me so much time. I would never have a full time business on eBay without using inkFrog.

Another Great thing about inkFrog is the customer service. The people that work at inkFrog are AWESOME! They all speak english, you're not sent to another country, where they have no clue what your talking about. They answer my questions right away. They are even patient with us Old Timers, and very helpful at teaching us about any new features and giving us plenty of time to learn the new things BEFORE moving us to a new format, which I GREATLY appreciate."

- Michelle L Farmer

Michelle sells thousands of antique products on eBay and has over 13,000 positive reviews and is an eBay Top Rated Seller:

We are proud to be a core part of Michelle's business and invite you to visit her below:

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