Against Breast Cancer uses inkFrog to easily synchronize their eBay and Amazon inventory through a central location by using inkFrog to connect Amazon to eBay for them:

"We have been selling donated items on eBay as part of our fundraising since January 2017. Due to the popularity of the initiative, we needed to look for ways of streamlining and speeding up the listing process. We found inkFrog in April 2017, integrating it with our online shop for our branded merchandise.

inkFrog has allowed us to have confidence in the stock control of our branded merchandise as it is integrated to our online shop and also our Amazon store. Additionally and just as importantly inkFrog has allowed us to automate feedback on eBay and the listing tool is much quicker. The master template feature is extremely useful in helping us to stay on brand as much as possible on eBay too.

As we rely on our valued volunteers to add listings to eBay, inkFrog has been very refreshing in regards to it's usability. Other platforms are difficult to use and sometimes even harder to train other people on. We have found that our volunteers have been confident using inkFrog from the first time they are shown the listing tool. This saves us invaluable time and keeps us free to focus on what we are here for: to raise funds for vital research into the secondary spread of breast cancer, the main cause of breast cancer related deaths."

- Bryony Jones

Against Breast Cancer has hundreds of active eBay listings and donates their profits towards fighting breast cancer:

You can visit Against Breast Cancer here:

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