Conventional wisdom says that when you start selling on eBay, you begin with eBay's own tools. It's only after you're established and earning that you subscribe to other seller tools. That's the conventional wisdom.

inkFrog is simple, uncluttered, and fast, with a very small learning curve. Everything a new sellers needs—and nothing they don't.

And we think it's absolutely wrong. Here are five reasons why.

1. Less clutter in inkFrog means a smaller learning curve.

eBay's website is cluttered. Like, really cluttered. It's full of buttons and jargon, and only some of them relate to selling—which is why it can feel so overwhelming to make your first sale on eBay.

inkFrog, on the other hand, is laser-focused on selling. Everything you need is there, in terms you understand. Listings. Images. Orders. Front and center, without lots of other buttons, links, and content.

eBay is a website and marketplace, and it shows. inkFrog is an tool for selling things, and that shows, too.

2. More speed from inkFrog means less frustration.

inkFrog is also faster than eBay. eBay's pages are jam-packed with stuff, which is great if you're looking for all of that stuff, but otherwise, you're just waiting for things that you don't care about to load.

As an application, inkFrog is also far faster than eBay's website is. This means less frustration and waiting, and when you're clicking around trying to learn something new, waiting can drive you nuts.

Beautiful designer templates that you can click to customize give you an immediate advantage.

3. Better marketing with inkFrog means more sales.

With inkFrog's Designer plan, you'll have access to hundreds of beautiful designer templates right away—that you can customize, brand with your own logo, and really make your own. No need to learn HTML, or to re-use the same old eBay templates that thousands of other sellers use.

The result? You'll hit the grown running with listings that excite shoppers. This means you'll make more sales. And that means you'll grow more quickly and have more critical early successes.

4. inkFrog makes it possible to quickly fix oopsies.

It's inevitable that as you're first starting out, you'll regularly discover things you've done wrong. Categories you could have chosen more carefully. Template language you'd wish you'd included. Policies and promotions that you decide to change.

On eBay, it's either difficult or impossible to make many kinds of bulk changes, so if you discover on listing 101 that something needs to change, you may well have to edit your first 100 listings by hand. That sucks. Especially when you're first starting out.

inkFrog, on the other hand, enables you to bulk update dozens or hundreds of listings in seconds. So no matter how many oopsies you discover, you can fix all of them right away, without wanting to pull your hair out or quit before you've really begun.

5. inkFrog provides easy access to important settings and listing fields.

First-time sellers often find themselves wanting to accomplish things that they are sure can be done on eBay—then spending tons of time hunting down the right places to do them.

Spend time listing products and processing orders rather than hunting for tools and settings.

In inkFrog, these settings are all available within just a click or two, and are easy to find. This is because inkFrog serves only one clientele—sellers—and wants to make life as easy for them as possible.

So rather than spending time trying to figure out how to accomplish something on eBay, and ending up buried seven levels deep in account settings, on inkFrog you'll generally find anything you'd like to do within seconds—and if you can't, inkFrog has seller support staff standing by to help you.

Try it out.

For all of these reasons and more, we'd like to issue a challenge to new eBay sellers.

If you've taken steps to start selling on eBay before, only to lose momentum just a few hours into the process, give inkFrog a try.

We think that this time, with inkFrog in your back pocket, you'll be up and running as an eBay seller far more quickly than you've ever imagined possible—and have a far more pleasant experience getting there.

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