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All the features you want, none of the hassle

inkFrog gives you the freedom to manage your eBay business like a pro

A simply powerful eBay listing tool

Easily create listings using the inkFrog one-page-lister. Catalog auto-suggest makes it easy to match your product with eBay's catalog. The lister is so fast and effortless that one of a kind, rare or unique items are quick and easy to list.

eBay SEO is easy with inkFrog item specifics

Product auto-fill makes eBay's product catalog into a breeze. One click and most of your listing is ready to sell. Add stock photos, videos, and eBay descriptions effortlessly. Adopt eBay's item specifics and ensure your products are seen on eBay.

Save time updating policies

Manage your listing, return, shipping, and payment policies across all your listings with inkFrog Master Profiles. Ensure your policies are consistent, easy to change, and keep improving them as your business grows.

Attract buyers using beautiful listing templates

Use our pre-defined HTML eBay templates or create your own. Apply these templates to specific listings and update them easily. Update your templates across all your listings as your eBay brand evolves and your business needs grow.

Save time managing your listings & products

Store your products in your very own listing library forever. Create folders so you can organize your products how you want. Find them quickly using our custom filters and create your own saved searches. It's extremely powerful and is what every eBay seller needs.

Increase sales using scheduled listings

Time your listings to be posted during peak shopping hours. Ensure you listings are released on regular schedules and that your listings are posted on-time.

Optimize shelf life with auto-relist rules

Optimize your relist success rate by choosing a relist format and time that increases your chance to sell. Increase your revenue by relisting a rare or low quantity fixed price item to auction.

Purchase confirmation and shipment emails

Our auto emails will help increase your sales and keep your buyers informed at the same time. inkFrog will send two emails to your buyers (using your reply to address) which gives them important information about their purchase.

Order & customer management

All of your orders are imported into inkFrog for quick and easy management. Update paid and shipped status and automatically notify your buyers of your updates. Managing orders is easier than ever.

Integrated eBay messaging

We have one of the most unique messaging options built right in. It allows you to send and receive eBay messages directly from your account. It's threaded so you can follow correspondence back/forth from you and the buyer. It's also built into your order history so you can follow emails which were tied to a specific order.