Introducing our new platform, inkFrog Open!

So much more than ever before. Take your eBay business to another level, for an insanely low price!

  • Manage eBay better than ever before!
  • Sync from Shopify & Bigcommerce
  • List to all (global) eBay markets
  • Responsive template builder
  • Powerful order and email manager
  • Employee user controls
  • Multiple eBay id's
  • Terapeak research built in
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  • Our original platform
  • Super fast listing
  • Great for OOAK sellers
  • Multiple eBay id's
  • Traffic Analyzer
  • Shipping labels
  • So much more!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the difference between our two platforms.

What's the difference from Open & Classic

inkFrog Classic is our original platform which thousands of eBay sellers use. inkFrog Open is our brand new platform, built from the ground up. It was built with the knowledge we’ve gained over the last 15 years working with eBay sellers. It is an incredible new platform. Note, it works differently than inkFrog Classic, but we challenge you to use it for a week and take advantage of the new profile system (attaching sub profiles!). It’s more than just a lister, it’s a powerful way to manage your eBay listings. inkFrog Open also allows you to sync your Shopify or Bigcommerce inventory directly into the platform. It also has a brand new template builder, which builds mobile friendly templates (your logo/brand can be included).  Talk to a support specialist and they can help you pick the platform that is best for you.

Will inkFrog continue supporting both platforms?

Yes, we will continue supporting inkFrog Classic. It's a great platform and we know many of our sellers love it. Our dream would be that everyone uses a single platform, but we know that is hard to do for eBay sellers. Note, we know there are several features missing from inkFrog Open currently (SBin, Shipping Labels, and others) and we hope to have these features in inkFrog Open in the future.

Do I have to move to inkFrog Open?

No, you can continue using inkFrog Classic like always, but we’d love you to try Open and see how you like it and if it works better for your business model. It’s an incredible platform. inkFrog Open also syncs inventory with Shopify and Bigcommerce.

Does data sync between Classic and Open and vice versa?

The answer to this is yes and no. Many things will not transfer over from each service. For example, library listings inside inkFrog classic will not transfer to Open. However, all live, unsold, sold listings for the last 60 days will transfer in both services. This is the same for images - images do not sync, however images for live, unsold and sold listings for the last 60 days will be imported in.

Can I transfer my data from Classic to Open?

We hope to build an import tool for Classic's “library” items. If you can’t wait for the import tool, you can create a brand new inkFrog Open account. Once you create a new account with inkFrog Open, 60 days of your items will be imported into the system automatically. If that is enough then you are ready to go. Note, you will have to have separate billing for inkFrog Open and Classic, so if you want to completely move you will have to close out your Classic account or keep billing (paying) for both platforms.

Does a single login work for both sites?

No, both sites require separate logins, separate accounts,and separate payment plans.

How do I know which platform I have?

If you have been using inkFrog for many years, you are using our inkFrog Classic. If you are using Shopify, Bigcommerce, or our eBay app, then you are using inkFrog Open. You can try to login to each service to determine if you have an account.