Shopify order and inventory integration

inkFrog offers a highly customizable solution for order and inventory management between Shopify and eBay.  Import and synchronize what you want, when you want!  Send your entire product catalog to eBay or choose which products to sell on eBay, the choice is yours.

Synchronization Settings

inkfrog-sync-settings.pnginkFrog offers complete synchronization - choose what you want to sync between Shopify and eBay.

  • Synchronize Titles Shopify to eBay, eBay to Shopify, or both
  • Synchronize Descriptions Shopify to eBay, eBay to Shopify, or both
  • Synchronize Pricing Shopify to eBay, eBay to Shopify, or both
  • Run a Sale on Shopify and share (or not!) that pricing with eBay
  • Synchronize Quantity or use custom quantities for eBay
  • Auto Restock when you make a sale on eBay
  • Restock when your Shopify quantity is replenished
  • Increase or Decrease eBay pricing based on Shopify pricing
  • Out of Stock? inkFrog will automatically deactivate your eBay listing

Inventory Synchronization

inkFrog will keep your Shopify inventory synchronized with eBay - eliminate the worry about overselling.

  • Update inventory between Shopify and eBay
  • Import and list new products to eBay or link existing listings between Shopify and eBay
  • De-list products from eBay when you don’t have the stock to sell
  • Define rules about how inventory is distributed between Shopify and eBay
  • Avoid overselling on eBay because of success selling on Shopify

eBay Order Management

Manage your orders in one central location by enabling order sync. 

  • Fulfill orders from eBay within Shopify
  • Order status is automatically updated from Shopify to eBay so your customers are kept up-to-date every step of the way
  • If you have Amazon as your fulfillment service for Shopify, inkFrog offers settings for that too! 
  • Custom fulfillment options are also available in order settings
  • Don't want to synchronize orders, no problem, we have that covered too!
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